Saturday, March 10, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Our Valentine tradition.I helped with Tyler's class party. I love these kids!
Cute Tyler checking out his Valentines and frosting his cookie!

Smarty Pants!

I don't give our boys enough credit for their hard work in school. These poor kids were doomed with a "Teacher Mom", and excellence at school is basically expected at our house. Here are a few of the great things they have done at school over the last few months...

Cody has been participating in The Battle of the Books competition. Here is him and his team. This competition goes on until the end of the year. His team has done well. Cody has learned the importance of preparation and study by doing this. "Winging it" is not an option!:0)

Tyler and Preston both earned "Kid of Character" awards. I am so proud of these boys. Preston's teacher told me that when he had to choose someone from his class, it was so easy to choose Preston because he is such a great kid! Good job boys!!!

Preston's Pinewood Derby as a Bear!

This year we only had one Cub Scout participating in The Pinewood Derby. YAY!! Preston had a blast, and placed third place in his den with "The Lethal Jet"!!! Love this boy, and all of his buddies.

The Veggie Chamber

Unless you've had a kids in Mr. Anderson's third grade class, you cannot fully understand the intensity of The Veggie Chamber! While other students are eating heart cookies and candy grahams, Mr. Anderson's class is in The Chamber, beating the life out of their least favorite vegitables! It is so fun!
Mr. Anderson is one of the most strict teachers that I have ever seen. However, the kids LOVE him. They work hard, and are greatly rewarded. He is one teacher Preston will never forget!!!

Preston inside the chamber. He chose an eggplant, bell pepper, and squash.

Cody's New Team

Here's a pic of Cody's new basketball. He made the Team Arizona 5U basketball team back in December. It is more expensive, and more intense than regular league play. They play teams from all over the state, and play two tournaments against teams from all over the country. It has been the best experience for him. This is his team.

His head coach, Josh Gonzales, stresses good grades, team work, and individual skill. I can't say enough good things about this program. We hope to start Preston in club ball next year too.

Our ballers after winning a game in TRIPLE overtime!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's a new year! We have had a fantastic Christmas break. I have a ton to post, but it will wait until next week when my kids are all back in school. I do, however, want to post my New Year's Resolution. Dave Ramsey says, "A goal unwritten is only a thought." I am a believer in new beginnings and setting goals. Here goes...

In 2012 I plan to-

1. Become a healthier person by surrounding myself with ONLY kind, positive people.

2. Become a healthier person by cutting my refined sugars. Only one day a week!

3. Become a healthier person by exercising (1 hour) 5-6 days a week. Plus, 20 full pushups and 50 full situps everyday.

4. Become a healthier person by focusing on my family.

5. Be better and keeping this blog up!:0)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3rd Grade Snow Day

Every year the 3rd grade has tons of snow shipped in for a fun snow day! The kids have to work hard to earn the opportunty to go. Preston had a blast this year!
Alex and Preston are such good buddies. They play like two puppies...always wrestling!
Preston and his buddies from Mr. Anderson's class.